Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 3 Personal Development Plan Update

I feel a little better about this weeks update. During the week I was able to drop 3 pounds. Not the 4 that I am shooting for but much better than the zero I lost last week. I purchase the Diet Solution Program but, I have not implemented too much of it yet. I am certainty looking forward to next weeks weigh in after having a full week on the diet solution program. There is a lot to it, and the author suggest that you try not to change everything at once. I will make a few changes and see how it works.
As far as the TV viewing is concerned I was able to cut way back on the time spent in front of the TV. There were two days that I did not turn on the TV at all and it did not kill me I believe less time in front of the TV contributed to the 3 pound weight loss. It seems that my personal development plan is starting to come together.

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