Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 2 Personal Development Plan Update

Well week 2 did not go well at all. I did not plan out each day and let life get in my way as far as weight loss goes. With no plan I found myself in many situations where I just ate what ever was convenient. My total weight loss for the week was a whopping zero pounds. I did have 5 good days of exercising, but that was not enough to offset my eating and drinking. Since my personal development plan has not been working as I had hoped. I have decided to follow some one else s plan for my weight loss. After searching around I have read a lot of good things about The Diet Solution Program. It sounds really promising. I will purchase it on Thursday of this week so I doubt I will have much feedback on Monday of next week but I will report my progress none the less. One of the main things you have to do when following a personal development plan is evaluate. Once you evaluate if things are not going in the right direction you have to change your plan. That is what I have done, after two weeks on The Diet Solution Program I will reevaluate, hopefully I will not have to change this plan any further.  

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