Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting Started With Personal Development

To get started with personal development you need to know two things. First is where are you starting from and second where are you going? The first step to getting started with your personal development journey is to take inventory of your life up to this point. Ask yourself soul searching questions and answer yourself honestly. It may help to get someone you trust involved as they may be able to tell you things about you that you don't see. Some good questions to ask yourself are: How am I doing health wise? Am I over weight? Do I eat a healthy diet? Do I exercise enough? How do I spend my free time? Do I watch too much TV? Do I spend enough quality time with my family and friends? Do I challenge my brain by reading and studying subjects that put me out side of my comfort zone? Have I achieved the goals and dreams of my youth? The preceding questions are just a few of many that need to be answered before you can decide where you want to go. Take some time over the next few days to go over these and any questions you can come up with. Write the answers to these questions down. This is the beginning of your self development plan. On the next post we will go over the second part which is where are you going?

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