Thursday, August 4, 2011

Personal Development Journey Plan

  Hi, My name is Mark and I have started this blog to share my passion for personal development with others. I have also started it to help keep myself inspired as I continue to learn and grow. I can not stand hypocrisy so I figure if I share my knowledge of what is possible using personal development techniques with others it will keep me honest as well.
  Personal development is mainly just common sense approaches to life. Although common sense seems to have taken a back seat in many of our lives. Common sense tells us not to smoke but many still do, it also tells us to exercise and not overeat but somehow we continue to ignore it until the consequences are dire. But once we are put in the negative situations because of our poor decisions most people instantly start to better themselves they stop smoking, start exercising and eat healthier. Unfortunately for many they start too late. My sincere hope is that through this blog we can all learn new ways to improve our lives starting now! I welcome your feedback both good and bad.

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