Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Started With Personal Development Part 2

We have now completed Step 1 by asking the tough questions about where we are up to this point in our life. We can now turn our attention to where we want to take our lives. If after evaluating your life you discover that you are not achieving the success you want, then a personal development plan should help you get back on track. If you continue to do the same things you have in the past then you will not grow. If you follow that same plan you can rest assured that you will be no better off next year than you are now. An example would be if you are trying  to get a promotion in your job and seem to keep getting passed over, then you need to change your approach. Maybe you have been showing up on time and leaving on time. Your new strategy should be to show up earlier and stay later. I know this seems like common sense but if you do not take the time to evaluate you can easily just continue to follow the same old path. We need to take the time now to ask some more personal development questions this time about the future.
  1. What do I want for my family life? What is my plan for achieving it?
  2. What do I want for my career? What are the steps I need to achieve this objective?
  3. What are my financial goals? How much money do I want to have in 3,5,10 or 20 years?
  4. What are my health goals?  How much do I want weigh? What kind of diet will I have to follow to reach my goal weight? What kind of workout program will I have to follow?
  5. Where do I want to visit? How much will I have to save to make these trips possible?
  6. What charities do I want to donate to? How will I help others? Will I donate time, money or both.
Once you have your answers to these  questions you have the beginnings of your goals list. Now comes the tricky part. Pick the one goal you wish to achieve more than the others. This is the one you should work on first. I know human nature is to try and change everything at once but it is best to focus on the one goal. The power of focus plus discipline is almost unstoppable. Write it down and go into more depth about how you are going to achieve it. Next take action immediately, just getting started even if it is a small step will help propel you towards your goal.  

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